We understand that you may have queries regarding our products and services. For that, we have made list of most frequently asked questions to help you find the information you’re looking for.

What makes Jaald bags and accessories so special?

At Jaald, we promote the concept of using nature friendly leather bags. The bags produced by us are 100% eco-friendly and are made using goat leather which is tanned without the use of any chemicals.

Are the bags and accessories handmade?

Yes. At Jaald, we give you the pleasure of having your own handmade leather collectibles. Unlike products which are manufactured in factories, our aim is to make you feel truly special by making leather bags and accessories that are truly unique and personal.


What do you mean by 100% Eco-Friendly leather?

Unfortunately, the leather industry worldwide is posing a serious threat to the environment. The techniques employed by them to process and make leather products involve the use of highly toxic pollutants. However, we at Jaald are committed to doing our bit by sticking to eco-friendly ways and staying clear of harmful chemical such as chrome.

That is why the leather used in our bags and accessories is processed using traditional technique of “vegetable tanning”. This not only gives leather its unique natural characteristics but also is eco-friendly.

This process of vegetable tanning is a bit more time consuming and expensive but we take pride in showing our gratitude towards the environment by not polluting it. 

Do you butcher animals for the leather?

We neither raise the goat nor butcher them. We procure naturally tanned leather from tanneries, who receive the goat skin as a “by product” for the meat consumption market in that area. Which essentially means goat is not butchered for its skin.

We have dug deeper into this area sometime back, and were reassured to find that the goats live a natural life in wilderness before their lives come to an end.

I am interested in a laptop bag, but not sure which size should I order?

You can consider Satchel and Messenger bags listed in our shop for the purpose. 

Before you choose the bag size, please note that laptop’s dimensions is always the diagonal screen size, which makes the laptop width a bit smaller. So a 15.6 inch laptop might actually be 14 - 15 inches wide so will fit comfortably into a 15 inch Satchel or a Messenger.

So the key is start with measuring the width, depth and thickness of your laptop, before you decide on the satchel/ messenger size. Don’t only consider the laptop screen size for making the purchase decision.

What’s the strap size for cross body satchel & messenger bags?

All our cross-body / shoulder bags have an adjustable strap with maximum length 25 inches (appx.) depending on the style.

How to do care and cleaning for my leather bag? 

The leather we use is designed to age gracefully as is expected from any designer bag. Natural marks and scratches allow the leather to develop a rich texture, enhancing its appeal over time.

We suggest applying a good leather conditioner periodically to maintain the finish.  This will help your leather material maintain its own natural oils, keeping it soft and supple. To remove any surface dirt, simply wipe the leather with a soft damp cloth. Please visit Care and Cleaning page for more information on this.

Do these leather bags and accessories come with a warranty?

As with the case of any handmade bag, each one of them is personally crafted by skilled artisans. Thus, what is produced may not be technically “perfect” as compared to factory made stuff, but it is these imperfections that make the bag look actually elegant and stylish.

If you still find any defect/fault/damaged part(s) in the product, we will happily repair it. However, the claims for faults/defects must be made within 4 week of receipt of goods.

Please also check out our Return Policy for more details.

How long the shipping takes?

We ship goods through premium courier companies such as DHL Ecommerce / FedEx, etc. It takes about about a week and even less for an item to be delivered to your doorstep. In very rare cases it can take longer.

We also provide tracking details for every purchase made with us so that you can see for yourself how soon you can expect your item.

Please help us in delivering your stuff quickly by specifying

1)      Correct shipping address.

2)      Your contact no so that courier service can reach you in case there is an issue

3)      Email address for us to reach you in case of any further communication required


Please check out our Shipping policy for more details.