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Jaald Workplace

We are a small team of energetic souls who are passionate about handcrafted leather products and accessories. We believe that our stunning leather products enhance the joys of today's ultra modern lifestyle by complementing it.

That’s why we are not just creating leather, we are creating life, formed after undergoing many changes to become an amazing product 

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We believe in enriching the lives of countless skilled artisans, who exquisitely handcraft leather items in the desert state of Rajasthan (India).It is our way to support their families through entrepreneurship, which is giving them recognition worldwide.By buying leather products made by them, we are supporting their endeavor towards self- sustenance and leadership. The proceeds of these products help in giving their family a quality lifestyle, their kids a good home and education.

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We are 100% Eco-Friendly

The leather used to create a Jaald product is processed using traditional technique of “vegetable tanning” – which not only gives leather its unique natural characteristics but also is 100% eco-friendly.

This process of vegetable tanning is a bit more time consuming but we take pride in showing our gratitude towards the environment by not polluting it.  Unfortunately leather industry worldwide is a serious threat to environment; we are committed to doing our bit by sticking to eco-friendly ways and staying clear of harmful chemical such as chrome.

We revive the lost art

We champion the cause to encourage the traditional technique of producing leather bags.


The bag is skillfully handcrafted by our artisans who have learnt this art from old generations in their close knit families. 


They cut, paste and stitch the bag themselves using traditional tools. The bag thus produced is not “perfect” as compared to factory made stuff – but it is these imperfections that make the bag look actually “perfect” to the discerning eye.

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We provide you the joy of personal experience

At JAALD, we give you the pleasure of having your own handmade leather product.

Unlike products which are manufactured in factories, our aim is to make you feel truly special by making products that are truly unique and personal.

This is who we are.

We build relationships for lifetimes.

Just like our leather.

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