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Many people have asked me questions about how to make a style for a move. While this article uses MNG move files, it also applies to XML move files, and its data can be easily modified. How to make a move style has been a topic of great interest since I wrote the original author’s guide for RPG Maker VX. However, many people have experienced difficulties in actually creating a move style. One of the most frequent questions about the “How to make a move style” series I’ve written is: “How can I remove a symbol from a move file?” In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to remove a symbol from a move file using RPG Maker VX Ace, and demonstrate the process with an example.A little over two years ago, I discovered a new development area which has consumed most of my writing time. HPC-oriented code has always been around, and there are many libraries and frameworks that can be used to solve specific problems efficiently. But, the only way to really harness the power of modern High Performance Computing systems was to write code that focuses on parallelism and multiple cores and to ensure it's fast. When it comes to HPC-oriented code, unless the specific solution requires massive numbers of cores, code parallelism is typically accomplished using message passing. Message passing isn't necessarily slow, it's just usually not the most efficient approach to performing calculations. When I write parallel code, I tend to use message passing for those operations which are not data parallel and then, for operations that require large data sets and are very computationally intensive, I often use an approach called task scheduling. Sometimes I need to interleave my computations, meaning that I want to use two different cores to perform the same operation and switch back and forth depending on the results. If I need to interleave my work, I use task scheduling because I'm able to take full advantage of multi-core architectures. Using task scheduling also allows me to efficiently use more than just two cores. Let's take a look at a simple example that demonstrates how to use task scheduling to efficiently use a four-core system. Here we have a very simple function that adds two values together. The function is written in C++ and uses OpenMP for parallelism. // define the functon that adds two values together void add_values(double * input, double * output, size



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